Gender Prediction Chart

Wives' Tale Boy Girl My Experience with Alya
Baby's Heartbeat <140 >140 Right
Daddy's Weight Gains Maintains/Loses Wrong
Ring Test* Line Circle Wrong
Math Trick** Odd Even Right
Baking Soda Test *** Fizzy No reaction Didn't try it!
Chinese Calendar*4 See Below See Below Right
Ramzi Method *5 Right Left Wrong
Pick up a key Round Part Narrow Part Didn't try it!
Skin Glowing Not clear Wrong
Pull down left eyelid Nothing Branches Right
Sleeping Side Left Right Wrong
Hair Growth More than usual Normal Right
Face Shape Long/Lean Rounder Right
Morning Sickness No Yes Wrong
Mommy's Mood Happy Crabby Right
Headaches Yes No Right
Heartburn No Yes Right
Dreams About a girl About a boy Right
Cravings Salty and Meat Sweets and Ice Right
Cravings-Meat and Cheese Yes No Right
Urine Color Bright Dull Right
Carrying Low High Right
Carrying part 2 Horizontally In front Right
Bigger Breast Right Left Wrong
Belly Shape Rounder (Basketball) Wider (Watermelon) Right
Mommy's Weight Gain Area Thighs Belly Right
Agility/Grace Clumsier Graceful Wrong
Feet Temperature Cold Normal Wrong

*Put the wedding band on a piece of the mommy's hair. Hold it over the belly, and look for which way the ring swings.
**Add your age and the month of conception (E.g. 20 years old, conceived in October = 30)
***This one's kind of gross. Put some baking soda in a cup, add your pee, and look for the reaction.
*4 Follow this link to use the calculator!
*5 At the 6 weeks or later ultrasound, use the location of the placenta to determine the baby's gender. Left side of the uterus means girl, right side means boy!