Baby Gear Checklists

This is a comprehensive list of all the baby gear I've seen on lists during my research. If you'd like to see what I've determined as "necessities", please visit my blog!


Area to Sleep
Where is your baby going to sleep? A bassinet, a pack n play, a crib, and a cosleeper are examples of places for baby to sleep. For the cost efficient mommy, I'd suggest using a pack n play with a mattress.
You'll need a mattress for the crib or pack n play. Be sure to look into dimensions for your designated area.
Mattress Cover
You don't want fluids leaking into your mattress. Have a couple mattress covers in order to save the mattress and still be able to have one on while you're doing laundry.
You'll need sheets for the mattress. I'd suggest having several so you don't need to do laundry every day. If you're planning on doing laundry once a week, buy four sets. If you're planning on doing laundry twice a week, I'd suggest seven sets.
You can never go wrong with too many blankets. That said, I'd say the bare minimum is probably four. You'll want a combination of swaddle blankets, receiving blankets, and fleece blankets.

Baby Gear

Car Seat
Very obvious, you'll need a car seat in order to take baby home. If you're looking for a low cost option, I'd go for a convertible that works from 4 lbs. and up. This spreads the cost over years, making it a good investment. Keep in mind if you do decide to use a bucket seat, you'll need a convertible later on.
I'd suggest finding a stroller that works for newborn up. If you decide to buy a travel system, keep in mind that you'll need to buy a new car seat and stroller.
You'll want a carrier for a hands-free approach. There are a wide variety of types; slings, structured, wrap, etc. I'd suggest buying a cheaper one until you know baby wearing is for you.
I'd suggest getting a Rock N Play sleeper so that you have a place to set baby that keeps them propped up. I've seen a lot of moms swear by it.
Baby Monitor
There are quite a few baby monitors on the market. I've heard a lot of reviews about the owlet, among others.
Baby Shusher
I've seen this on a few 'newborn' must have lists. I'm not sure if I'll actually get one, but the general consensus is that it's amazing.
White Noise Machine
A lot of mom's say that a white noise machine helps calm their baby at night.


Pretty self-explanatory, you'll need to decide on disposables or cloth. If you're deciding to do cloth diapering, make sure to have 24 flats.
Whether they're homemade or store bought be sure to have a stash of wipes to clean up baby.
Changing Table
Not a necessity per say, but definitely something you can include in your nursery. Some people use dressers with a changing pad, some just use chucks or puppy pads on the bed. The decision is yours.
Diaper Disposal System
This is also not a necessity but it's nice to have. We were gifted a diaper genie, and a year supply of the bags. If you're cloth diapering, there are services that will pick up and drop off diapers for you.
Diaper Bag
Diaper Bags are essentially your new purse. You'll want to find one that fits your style. I personally like the tote style, but some moms find the backpack style more functional. Visit the Diaper Bag page for what to put in your diaper bag.
Wet / Dry Bag
This goes along with you diaper bag. I'd buy a couple; one for the car, and one for the diaper bag.
Changing Pad
Same as the wet / dry bag; one for the car, one for the diaper bag. Most diaper bags come with one, though.
Disposable Changing Pads
Now this is heralded as a 'New Mom Hack'. To prevent having to clean up all the fabric of your car seat in the event of an inevitable blowout, simply place one of these changing pads under your baby in the carseat. This should help minimize the clean up!


From my research, about 7-10 onesies are sufficient. I suggest having some long sleeve and short sleeve options.
Sleepers/Sleep and Plays
From my research, about 3-5 are sufficient.
From my research, about 12 pairs.
From my research, about five of each type of accessory.
From my research, about 7-10 pairs are sufficient. I'm personally doing 5 shorts, 3 pants, 2 bottoms (diaper covers).


From my research, about 7-10 bibs are sufficient.


From my research, about 2-3 of whatever brand your baby likes are sufficient. I'm buying 3 pacis before Alya gets here, and then will buy more when she decides.


Nail File/Nail Clippers
Clipping your babies nails might be the most nerve-wracking thing you do. A nail file might be a good match if you're scared of clipping!
Drying Rack
Another common 'must have' is the bottle drying rack. There are many options for these out there.